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What Does Depression Feel Like?

July 19, 2013 8:59 pm0 commentsViews: 91

depressionWhen you feel depressed, it is like a cloud is hovering over your head; thoughts of happiness run away and whole world turns dark and bleak.

Do not worry, this impression is totally wrong, it only means there is something wrong in your life.

There is also a world of difference between depression (medical diagnosis, usually requiring treatment), and depressive feelings, although they can feel pretty much the same.

According to Dr. Marchand, the risk of recurrence — “relapse after full remission” — for a person who’s had one episode of depression is 50 percent. For a person with two episodes, the risk is about 70 percent. For someone with three episodes or more, the risk rises to around 90 percent.
By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. in article for PsychCentral

Depression: Everyday Choice Between Life and Death


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Of course, as always, the best cure is prevention, and so you should make it your mission to stay positive and look up your daily dose of creative and inspiring news. If that fails, let me offer you a glimpse of the less known side of depression and depressive feelings…

The side that can make you rich, famous, happy and successful! I am not exaggerating one tiny bit either. Read my book Depression: Everyday Choice Between Life and Death to find out more and feel free to come back and share your opinion in the comments below.

Depression feels like being crap on the sole of your own shoes. Let me help you to take a closer look and turn that feeling into real gold.

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